FarOffice - Effective Business Communications

Effective Business Communications

Writing and Communications  ‑ 

well written reports, proposals, web content, or any other company literature including brochures and correspondence, demonstrate the professionalism of your company. FarOffice will help with crafting the words that will ‘Wow!’ your readers and customers.

Training  ‑ 

whether you want to learn how to do microblogging and social media, technical writing, write great proposals, effective email or write effectively for the web, we can help. Check our training page for an idea of the range of courses and a schedule of when they are running.

Websites and Web Strategy  ‑ 

it’s not just having a web presence (your own website) that’s important, it has to be easy to use, bring traffic and new business to you and work with the rest of your business systems. If you want a website that works, doesn’t cost the earth or your sanity, and enhances your business, have a look at the websites page for more information.

Web Applications  ‑ 

FarOffice can provide applications tailored to your business requirements. Check our applications page for the languages/environments and we can help you put your business in everyone’s pockets.

Social Media Communications  ‑ 

we can tweet and post on your behalf, using a range of social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Keep your existing customers engaged, reach out to new customers or have a voice in your industry, whatever you need, we will be happy to help.

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